Ian and Leigh have been amazing! They were there for me when I felt I had nowhere else to go. Everyone at the firm is extremely helpful and caring. I'm so glad I found them.

LGBT custody client

Jorgeson Pittman LLP delivered a speedy, competent, and well-done will and trust for both me and my partner before we went to South America for our honeymoon. They went above and beyond for us (I had mentioned that I wanted to have a will done before we left, but didn't think we had the time). Deep and appreciative thanks to both Leigh Jorgeson and Ian Pittman for their service.

Estate planning client

I contacted the firm during one of the most stressful times of my life, when my partner of ten years and I were talking about separating and getting a divorce. Robert was a consummate professional; he was direct with me about my billing questions; he was a skillful practitioner. There were several documents needed because of our property division that I would have missed if doing the divorce myself. For his competence, I am grateful. But more importantly, he demonstrated compassion with me at every turn; he was endlessly patient with me to get him the information needed to file and to complete the process. Because of Robert, I felt a little less emotionally drained during my divorce. I am so appreciative for his help and for the work of the firm generally. Thank you, Jorgeson Pitttman LLP, for your support.

Divorce Client

Leigh and Ian represented my partner and me in my adoption of my partner's baby. They guided us through the whole process, from the social worker visit to the adoption hearing. They were knowledgeable, timely, and easy to work with. We are forever grateful to Leigh and Ian!

Second Parent Adoption Client

I'm very pleased with the work of Jorgeson Pittman. They were very professional, and always available to answer my questions and guide me through the legal process with my best interest always in mind. Thanks again for your help.

LGBT Custody Client (Brownsville, Cameron County)

They say each family law case is unique, but I found myself in a seemingly odd situation in that out of the eight attorneys I had contacted, NONE had ever dealt with a situation like mine and most were either unsure or felt I absolutely had no case. Persistent as I am, I decided to try a ninth and that was when I found Jorgeson Pittman LLP, the ONLY optimistic law firm to give me well-rounded advice with all possible outcomes. I went from being told by others I had no case to this knowledgeable team successfully tackling my case and earning us a victory with the best possible outcome! I am extremely satisfied with Robert Vela and this dedicated law firm and highly recommend them for any legal services!

-Child Support Arrearages Client

Jorgeson Pittman is an honest, confident and talented legal team. They always updated me on every little step of my case and were on time on all deadlines. Ian and Leigh were always available when I had questions, and when it came to trial time, they worked great off of each other and got me a great result.

Custody Client Seeking to Prevent Other Parent from Relocating

Colin is both professional and friendly; during my initial consultation I was instantly comfortable with him. I was delighted to look down at my watch (I was the only one in the room who ever did) to discover Colin was not going to dismiss me until my questions were answered. He was willing to take the time to educate me and processes/timelines/costs were reviewed for multiple potential outcomes. I was confident and comfortable with his and his team's representation, and it was at a cost I could afford.

Property Division Client

Colin Gaffney and the professional staff at Jorgeson Pittman helped make the daunting process of a divorce very approachable and easy to understand. They were extremely attentive and helped walk me through all of the processes, explained everything thoroughly to me and genuinely seemed to have my best interest in mind. I would not hesitate to send family and friends to them for family law advice.

Divorce Client

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