The Child Protective Services system is a very complicated system to understand, even for many attorneys. When you are facing a legal situation with CPS, you should make sure that your attorney has experience dealing with the people and organizations that are involved with a CPS case, as well as make sure your attorney is familiar with the numerous and unique court dates and other legal aspects of a CPS case. The attorneys at JORGESON PITTMAN LLP have a unique focus in CPS litigation. Many of the Firm’s attorneys are members of the Travis County Court-Appointed Family Advocates (CAFA), and have represented both parents and children involved in hundreds of different CPS cases in Travis County over the past decade.

CPS Investigations

When a loved one passes away with a Last Will and Testament that appoints a person as an executor, the court issues certificates called "Letters Testamentary" that the person named in the Last Will and Testament has the authority to conduct the business of the estate. Our attorneys will not only walk you through the court process, which involves obtaining the Letters Testamentary, but we will also assist you in gathering estate assets and distributing those assets in accordance with the deceased person's wishes. Our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for you.

CPS Court Cases

When CPS removes a child from his or her parents, CPS has or will be filing a lawsuit that seeks to modify or terminate parental rights. This process can be terrifying for families on the receiving end. JORGESON PITTMAN LLP has represented a multitude of parents in both court ordered services cases (COS) and temporary managing conservatorship (TMC) cases. This includes defending parents at the adversarial hearing, working with parents throughout their cases to help manage and complete court ordered services, mediating CPS cases, and litigating to defend parental rights at trial when necessary.

Interventions in CPS Cases

In Texas, extended family members, foster parents, or other adults with a close connection to the children, may be able to intervene into an existing CPS lawsuit. Many families have retained JORGESON PITTMAN LLP to intervene to help secure information, ensure that they have a voice at meetings and hearings, and to assist/lead at trial to seek termination of parental rights if necessary.

CPS Appeals

CPS appeals are very challenging due to accelerated deadlines under appellate rules and procedure. Partner Colin Gaffney and JORGESON PITTMAN LLP have handled many CPS appeals and are familiar with the nuances of CPS appeals. If you need an attorney to review and assess your case, we recommend securing help as quickly as possible. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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