Andrea Seger

Legal Secretary

Andrea Seger is an invaluable member of the JORGESON PITTMAN LLP team, and she is usually the first person that any client interacts with at our firm. In addition to working for the past several years with a Family Law focused law firm, Andrea went through a divorce herself and co-parents her two children with her ex-husband. Andrea's ability to share helpful experiences, both personal and professional, are something many of our clients talk about as being one of the bright spots of their legal cases.

Andrea is a notary public, and one of the few notaries in Texas who is authorized to serve as a remote online notary.

About Andrea

Andrea is originally from New Braunfels, Texas, and has lived in Austin for several years. She is the proud mother of two teenagers, and is happily remarried. When Andrea isn't at work, she can often be found planning over-the-top parties for friends and loved ones, or decorating for every holiday you know about (and a few you've probably never heard of).