Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • LGBT Family Law
  • Family Law Appeals
  • Family Law Mediations
  • Fertility Law
  • Estate Planning

Published Appellate Cases

  • In re: R.E.R., 534 S.W.3d 1 (Tex. App.—Corpus Cristi 2016, no pet.)
  • Romero v. Arguello, No. 03-14-00674-CV (Tex. App.—Austin July 11, 2016, no pet.) (mem. op.)

Ian Pittman

Founding Partner

Ian is a willing and able advocate for his clients, both across the negotiation table as well as in the courtroom. Ian’s practice focuses on high conflict areas of family law, including divorces with complex property and custody issues, custody disputes across state lines, and contested LGBT custody and divorce cases. Ian’s clients can be sure that Ian will have their case properly prepared and able to get the best outcome possible under their unique facts and circumstances.

Ian also understands that many people are better served by collaborating outside of the courtroom, and he will work with clients and opposing counsel to find creative solutions to complicated issues. Ian is also a mediator, and he is proud to say that he has developed a strong record over the years of helping settle the vast majority of his clients’ cases without the time and expense (both financial and emotional), of a final, contested hearing in front of a judge or a jury.

Family Law Appeals

Very few attorneys have experience appealing or responding to an appeal in a family law case, and most attorneys therefore are either unwilling or unable to handle appeals successfully. However, Ian has successfully handled multiple appeals for clients since JORGESON PITTMAN LLP was founded. This unique skill is an asset to clients who find themselves unhappy with an outcome in a family law case or are defending an appeal on a case that they thought was over.

Family Law Mediations with Ian Pittman

Even if you have another attorney represent you in your Family Law case, Ian can help you reach an agreement as a mediator. In addition to being a credentialed mediator, in 2008 Ian completed the Graduate Portfolio Program in Dispute Resolution, an interdisciplinary program offered by the University of Texas at Austin. Ian uses this background in dispute resolution and his more than a decade (and counting) of experience in contested family law cases to help parties to family law litigation reach mediated settlement agreements. If you would like to schedule a mediation with Ian, please use the button below.

About Ian

Ian originally hails from the South Texas town of Castroville, but he has called Austin home for more than half his life. Ian obtained his bachelors’ degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. As a two-time UT graduate, Ian is an avid fan of the Texas Longhorns football and baseball teams. Ian and his wife enjoy traveling when they can, and raising their family in Austin.

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