While most people do not plan to hire an attorney, when the need arises, it is important to understand the costs involved. At JORGESON PITTMAN LLP, we want our clients to understand how the Firm collects fees and what to expect when paying for quality legal representation. With that in mind, we have compiled the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

How much will my case cost?

One of the questions that almost every prospective client asks is "how much will my case cost?" While this is a question we get in most consultations, the truth is that we can never know for sure what the cost will be, start to finish, for most cases (as the cost is in large dependent upon actions of the other party and the Court). With that said, there are some general guidelines for costs:
  • All cases require a deposit to be paid for the attorney-client relationship to be formed and the deposit must be paid in full before any work is performed on a client's case.
  • An initial deposit can range from a low of around $1,500.00 to over $10,000.00, depending on the attorney you hire and the complexity of your case. This deposit will be placed in a trust account, and billed against as work is performed on your case.
  • The majority of cases are billed on an hourly basis, in one-tenth (1/10th) of an hour increments.
  • Deposits are refundable, meaning that if the case does not take as much work as the initial deposit, the unused balance will be refunded at the conclusion of representation.
  • Sometimes because of extreme bitterness and hurt feelings, or because of substantial property interests, Family Law cases become unreasonably time-consuming.
  • If your case requires work beyond the initial deposit, you will be required to make additional deposit(s) for work to continue on your case. If you can not make additional deposits, the Firm will be required to withdraw from representation.
  • A few types of case (such as estate planning) are subject to a flat-fee, where the cost is fixed.

Do you offer payment plans?

Another question that clients frequently ask is "Do you offer payment plans?"

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. In order for the Firm to become your attorney, you must pay the initial deposit in full. However, if you know that your case will exceed your deposit, it is possible to set up a recurring payment to ensure that your account remains funded throughout the entire case.

Will the Other Side pay my attorney's fees?

As a general rule for the majority of Family Law cases, each side pays his or her own legal fees.

There are exceptions to every rule, and the attorneys at JORGESON PITTMAN LLP have a strong track record of requesting and being awarded legal fees on behalf of our clients. However, for planning purposes, it is best to assume that you will need to pay for the entire case yourself, either through savings, borrowing funds (from retirement accounts or from friends and family), or by utilizing available credit lines. If you are able to obtain an award of attorney's fees, it will usually be at the end of the case.

Do you accept credit cards or electronic payments?

Yes! However, there is a small fee deducted from each credit card deposit to cover credit card exchange fees, so please be aware of that. We also accept eChecks with just your routing and account number (there is a $2.00 fee per eCheck transaction).

Do you take pro-bono cases?

The attorneys at JORGESON PITTMAN LLP only accept pro-bono cases through Volunteer Legal Services (VLS). Please contact VLS directly to find out more about their program

Do you offer Military, First Responder, or Teacher Discounts?

Yes! We are proud to offer a discount on our hourly rates to active duty service members of the United States Armed Forces, First Responders, and Teachers.