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Not every parent's story follows a typical path. If your path includes the donation of sperm, eggs, or embryos; IUI and/or IVF; or surrogacy, you need legal counsel who understands the intricacies of fertility law in Texas. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has several attorneys who have experience representing and counseling clients in Central Texas in all aspects of fertility law.

Gestational Carrier Agreements

Texas law allows married couples that cannot conceive a child using traditional methods to utilize a gestational carrier (sometimes called a surrogate) to bring a child into the world using one or both of their genetic material. In order to have a legally binding and enforceable Gestational Carrier Agreement and have the Agreement approved by a Court of Law, the agreement must follow specific and technical legal requirements. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has the experience to ensure that the proper legal process is followed and any child born under the gestational carried agreement is the legal child of the intended parents.

Embryo and Egg Donation Agreements

Sometimes situations arise that a woman who has undergone an IVF procedure wishes to donate her fertilized embryo or embryos to another person or couple. Jorgeson Pittman LLP can help the individual (and her spouse or partner) in these situations to ensure that the legal aspects of the Embryo and Egg Donation Agreements are handled properly and efficiently.

Parentage Agreements

For individuals who wish to start a family using assisted reproduction with a known donor, there are many legal considerations. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has the experience to help clients in these situations draft legal documents to protect the legal rights of the intended parents and to ensure that any resulting child born into the best situation.

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