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The attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP understand that family law is a field that is uniquely personal. We offer services tailored to each client’s specific needs.


Whether your divorce is hotly contested or completely amicable, whether it involves complex property issues or a simple division of belongings, whether there are issues with post divorce support or you will each go your own separate way, and whether or not you have minor children – each divorce is unique, and each is the most important legal proceedings for our clients. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has represented individuals in many different life situations, and we put our experience to work for our clients to help them achieve their goals and protect their families through the divorce process.

Marital Property Agreements

Texas law allows those who are married, or who are about to be married, to enter into marital property agreements (often referred to as “pre-nups” or “post-nups”). These agreements are complex legal documents, and all such agreements must meet specific requirements in order to be valid under Texas law. Jorgeson Pittman LLP helps its clients better understand the intricacies of marital property law in Texas, and execute documents to meet each client’s expectations.

Child Custody

Your family is our priority, and nowhere in family law is that ideal more important than when we are helping out clients establish or modify court orders involving their children. Whatever situation your family is facing, it will be easier to face with knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys by your side who can help you achieve your goal of putting your children’s needs first. Let the attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP help you put orders into place that will ensure your children are able to grow into the adults that they deserve to be, while making sure you are able to spend adequate time with your child.

Child Support/Medical Support

The law in Texas relating to child support and medical support is both nuanced and straightforward. There are guidelines that tell you what to expect generally, but just as you may see a larger tax return if you have your taxes prepared professionally, having an attorney who is familiar with the numerous exceptions and rules regarding child support and medical support in Texas can help you maximize your ability to financially support your family. All of the attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP have the familiarity with the law to ensure that you are paying or receiving the proper amount of child support and medical support.

Modification of Child Custody or Child Support

Change is the only constant in life. If you have a current court order relating to your child that needs to be modified, or if you have an order that one parent is no longer following, you can go ask a court to modify or enforce the prior order. The attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP have helped our clients modify and enforce numerous orders in many different counties. Contact Jorgeson Pittman LLP to put that experience to work for you.

Interstate Child Custody and Child Support

Child custody cases and child support cases are complicated when one parent resides in Texas and the other parent and/or the child does not. The attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP have the experience to help you navigate the intricate rules relating to child custody and child support cases when more than one state is involved.


Adding to your family is an important and life-changing decision. When you come to the point in your life where adopting a child makes sense for you, the last thing you should have to worry about is what to do to make sure all of the legal paperwork and court orders will be put into place properly. Having an attorney who has helped numerous clients successfully adopt a child or children, as the attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP have done, takes that worry off of your mind. Contact Jorgeson Pittman LLP if you have any questions about the legal aspects of the adoption process, and start to put your mind at ease.

Grandparent and Other Non-Parent Access to Children

If you have a strong relationship with a child that ends due to circumstances outside your control, the loss of that bond can be devastating to you and the child. The law in Texas recognizes that there are certain situations where maintaining your relationship with a child is important to protect that child’s health and wellbeing. If you are a grandparent, aunt, uncle, adult sibling, or a person who wants to continue to play an important role in raising a child, contact Jorgeson Pittman LLP to discuss what legal options you may have.

CPS Cases

The Child Protective Services system is a very complicated system to understand, even for many attorneys. When you are facing a legal situation with CPS, you should make sure that your attorney has experience dealing with the people and organizations that are involved with a CPS case, as well as make sure your attorney is familiar with the numerous and unique court dates and other legal aspects of a CPS case. The attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman have years of experience representing parents, children, and intervenors (third parties such as grandparents, family members, or foster parents) in CPS cases in Travis County and Central Texas. If CPS has come into your life and you want to make sure that your legal rights are protected, contact Jorgeson Pittman LLP today.

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