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Same sex couples in committed relationships face many unique challenges when dealing with family law, from medical decisions and property agreements to child custody and adoption issues, with many other issues in between. To muddy the water even further, the law relating to LGBT issues in family law can change at a moment’s notice. Agreements or orders you thought were binding may no longer work as well as you had hoped, or be unenforceable altogether.

Jorgeson Pittman LLP helps clients facing these issues achieve their goals, while staying abreast of the law. If you are facing any LBGT issues related to family law, please contact the attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP to discuss your specific situation.

Second Parent Adoptions

Ensuring that a child has two loving parents is one of the most important steps anyone can take to helping a child grow and develop into a healthy and well-adjusted adult. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has the experience necessary to help LGBT parents adopt their children so that there is no legal question that their child has two parents, even if only one of you shares genes with the child.

LGBT-Focused Fertility Law

When a same-sex couple or individual wants to start a family with a child or children that share their genes, the last thing they may think about is what the legal implications of this decision are. LGBT couples and individuals typically have to utilize egg, sperm, or embryo donors, and have to go through the assisted reproduction process to achieve a pregnancy. The attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP can explain and help our clients understand the legal aspects of these situations, and help our clients ensure that all the proper legal documents are drafted and legal procedures are followed to ensure that your child is yours legally as well as genetically.

LGBT Child Custody

Same-sex couples often have children together just like any other couple. And just like any other couple, if their relationship doesn’t work out there should be court orders relating to custody, decision-making, and support of the children born or adopted during their relationship. However, often LGBT individuals are told they have no legal rights to their children just because they live in Texas. This is simply not true. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has a strong record of helping LGBT parents fight for – and win – custody of their children throughout the State of Texas.

Dissolution of LGBT Marriages/Relationships

While the issue of LGBT divorce is currently a legal grey area in Texas, the fact remains that many same-sex couples that currently live in Texas were legally married in a marriage-recognition state. And when those marriages don’t work out, those couples may have questions about their options for legally dissolving their relationship. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has experience helping married LGBT couples dissolve their marriages in Texas when the situation calls for it.

Jorgeson Pittman LLP has further experience helping couples in same-sex relationships that are not married, but have lived together for years (or decades) dissolve their relationship and ensure that neither party is taken advantage of in an emotionally taxing time.

LGBT Partnership Agreements

Currently Texas does not recognize same-sex marriages. While many attorneys across the State, including attorneys at Jorgeson Pittman LLP, are working to change this fact, for the time being the best way to protect you and your significant other and your property is to have a property agreement drafted and in force. From operating a joint bank account to contributing to retirement accounts and owning property together, it is important to put your agreements into writing to protect you both.

LGBT-Focused Estate Planning and Life Planning

Couples in same-sex relationships face many challenges that opposite-sex couples never have to deal with. From legal recognition of your relationship, to ensuring that your loved ones can visit you in a medical facility or have access to your medical records if you are incapacitated, having a robust set of Estate Planning and Life Planning Documents is vital. Jorgeson Pittman LLP has Estate Planning Packages tailored specifically to couples in LGBT relationships, and the experience to ensure the proper documents are included to protect your family.

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