About Jorgeson Pittman LLP

Jorgeson Pittman LLP is an Austin-based Family Law and Estate Planning law firm, with additional focuses on Fertility Law, LGBT Focused Family Law, and Immigration Law.

The Firm has represented clients in various Texas Counties, mostly focused on Travis County, Williamson County, Hays County, Central Texas, and Texas Hill Country areas; but with a statewide reach as necessary.

Jorgeson Pittman LLP is dedicated to excellent legal representation of clients from all walks of life. The Firm’s motto encapsulates its core belief – “Your family. Our priority.”

Superb legal services

Jorgeson Pittman LLP has represented all manners of clients in Family Law cases, including areas such as contested divorces, complex property divisions, child custody disputes, adoptions, agreed parenting plans, child support matters, and limited scope representation when appropriate.

All of the Firm’s attorneys have the experience and the knowledge to answer your questions, guide you through the process of a family law case, and if necessary, represent you in the courtroom. While we are proud to say that we have been able to successfully help our clients negotiate agreed resolutions to the vast majority of their family law cases, it is important to know that all of our attorneys have ample experience and winning records in the courtroom as well.

The Firm also focuses on family law cases involving LGBT families, including second-parent adoptions, same-sex child custody cases, and same-sex partnership dissolutions. Founding Partners Leigh Jorgeson and Ian Pittman have extensive experience, both in and out of court, in this unique area of family law. For couples with same-sex custody and adoption cases, the Firm helps clients statewide.

The Firm has additional experience in Fertility Law. Founding Partner Leigh Jorgeson has represented married couples, partners, and individuals in various legal aspects of the assisted reproduction process, including gestational carrier agreements, egg donation agreements, embryo donation agreements, parentage agreements, and related legal proceedings.

Many of the Firm’s attorneys are members of the Travis County Court-Appointed Family Advocates (CAFA), and represent both parents and children involved in CPS cases in Travis County. The Firm’s attorneys also have experience representing family members or other parties intervene in an ongoing CPS case to seek custody of a child involved in the CPS system. Additionally, Founding Partner Ian Pittman has served on the board of the Austin Bar Association's CAFA Section since 2012.

Jorgeson Pittman LLP provides estate planning and guardianship legal services. Founding Partners Leigh Jorgeson and Ian Pittman have drafted estate-planning and life-planning documents to protect single individuals as well as opposite-sex and same-sex couples in many different situations in their lives. Additionally, Partner Robert Vela has experience helping clients establish guardianships of children or elderly parents, and experience drafting special needs trusts when appropriate.

The Firm also offers legal services in Immigration Law, and has obtained marriage based immigration status adjustments for same-sex couples. Colin Gaffney has successfully petitioned for Affirmative Application for LGBT Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status for several clients since the Windsor decision. Nicolette Modesto offers experience gained from her prior position at an immigration focused law firm to Jorgeson Pittman LLP’s clients.

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